About Cathy Zane

Cathy Zane spent her childhood on the beaches of St. Petersburg, Florida and attended Nursing School at the University of Florida. She moved west to San Francisco a week after graduation and worked in Labor and Delivery for 15 years before returning to graduate school to pursue a second career as a psychotherapist. Since completing her graduate degree in 1999, she has worked extensively with children, teens and their families. She was married, raised two sons, divorced and is a new grandmother.

As a writer, Cathy draws on her experience in both her careers as well and her own life to create narratives of growth and healing. A lifelong reader, she believes in the power of story not only to entertain, but also to inspire, connect us to our common humanity and instill hope.

In addition to reading and writing, Cathy enjoys travel, movies, theatre and hiking in the natural beauty that surrounds her Northern California home.  Previous writing includes articles, short stories and essays. Better Than This is her debut novel.

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