My lifelong obsession with books

15Jul, 2020

Time Travel

As I described in Blog #8, Back in Time, I enjoy books that that transport me to times past or that have historical backgrounds. This is especially true when they have a connection to my own life, whether as a life event I’ve experienced, or an interest or fascination I’ve [...]

15Jun, 2020

Resilience at the Heart of a Story

Guest blog by Shelley Blanton-Stroud I’ve always been drawn to the topic of resilience—it’s the heart of my family’s origin story. I grew up in Bakersfield, California, surrounded by grannies, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins, whose shared history was a Route 66 migration out of Texas and Oklahoma during the [...]

15May, 2020

Spiritual Transformation in Mid-life

Guest blog by Cindy Rasicot My life has been a spiritual journey since I was a small child. At four I asked my older brother (who was five at the time): “Where is God?” His answer: “Everywhere.” Puzzled, I looked all around, but didn’t find evidence. I kept my brother’s [...]

15Apr, 2020

She Writes Press Sisters

The path to publication of my novel, Better Than This, had a challenging, steep learning curve. I couldn’t have done it without the incredibly supportive community that my publisher, Brooke Warner, has created at She Writes Press (SWP.) I have made wonderful friends and am awed by the talented women [...]

15Mar, 2020

Tropical Treasures

Guest Blog by Linda Ulleseit My husband’s mother and grandmother were born in Hawaii. He has dozens of relatives there, and we attended our first family reunion in Honolulu this past February. The outpouring of ohana and aloha was amazing! Maybe it’s this connection to family that has always driven [...]

15Feb, 2020

Must Read Memoir

Guest blog by Kathryn Taylor The beauty of memoir is that it offers insight and understanding by the sharing of personal experiences. A memoir can be filled with hope and inspiration, guiding the reader along a path which often overcomes adversity. It transcends time, race, education, socio economic status, religion [...]

15Jan, 2020

Bridging Worlds

Guest blog by Laura Nicole Diamond My favorite novels are those pull the reader into the character's mind and heart, and experiences the world through their eyes and ears. A good story well told seeps into your skin, breathes into your lungs, creates images so rich the mind incorporates them [...]

15Dec, 2019

Holiday Cheer

I love the holiday season. The lights bring a welcome respite from the darkness of winter’s cold and short days. The messages of hope and goodwill are uplifting. It’s a time of year to cherish your seasonal traditions, whatever they may be. One treasured ritual for me has been attending [...]

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